New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane


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For installation on our electric bike, I received a sample of an average Comp 17 Sporty Design drive motor with hull dimensions of 167 x 252 mm and a weight of 3.8 kg. This drive motor, based on the joint development of Japanese and Czech engineers, is capable of operating from a battery with a voltage of 36 or 48V and, depending on the settings of the software, provides capacity of 250 or 350W. Distinctive features of this drive model…



The prototype of the frame was made and, since the priority of the patent application filed earlier had not yet been received at the moment of tests start, for road tests the frame of the bicycle was partially camouflaged with a coloured tape. Before getting the sample of an average drive motor from Comp Drive, Bafang SWX 02 350W rear drive motor with a power of 350W was installed on the prototype. This drive motor worked in conjunction with a…



Is it possible to invent a frame for a bicycle? Before visiting the exhibition and conducting a preliminary patent search, we were sure that it was impossible … However, it was worth a try. Surprisingly, the closest in design features was the Dujee bicycle model, developed in 1948 by a Japanese of the aircraft (at that time) manufacturing company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Around the same period, several European companies also made bicycles aircraft-grade aluminum – duralumin. Apparently, after the Second…



Our tasks have not changed. For the realization of our plans we needed a frame that could have been made without welding and which could then be easily modified. At the same time, in the production of our universal frame for an electric bike modern technologies should be used, not to mention the fact that it should be durable and, at the same time, should not require any serious maintenance. The solution turned out to be, as always, simple and…



I have already been quite familiar to the features of the rear-wheel drive, while the parameters of an electric bicycle with an average drive motor mostly remained for me only the numbers from the Internet. Many advantages of the Euro Bike Show One can be complemented with one more thing that is particularly important for me. Here it was possible to test most of the drive motors, both of the production of well-known European manufacturers, and of the little-known Chinese…



An online searching made it possible to get acquainted with many brand new electric bikes equipped with various drives and steel, aluminium and carbon frames. In the focus of interest were the frames made of bamboo, wood, plywood and composite materials with various connecting elements for pipes, including parts made on a 3D printer. However, it is better to see all the newly-designed products in one place once, and I was going to attend the Euro Bike Show. What did…



Since childhood, we have been interested in vehicles, both in cars and motorcycles and in bicycles, and motor boats. Several times we successfully participated in the rally and in the race on the water. At the same time, regardless of whether we were preparing for competitions or for traveling out of town with friends, we tried to make each of our means of transportation faster, easier, more modern and manoeuvrable. Recently, we have focused our interest on electric bikes. We…