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The loop at the base of bike frame design by Gaëtan Francq Studio



Do you know how many bicycle models with a frame made with no welding? And with the hinge wrapped round the seat tube? The industrial designer from Paris, Gaëtan Francq, has created an extraordinary frame design that sets his bicycle stand out from the rest. The new product is different not only in terms of appearance – at its core is a functionally collapsible design.

This urban bike, called Loop, has a fantastic aluminum frame and a single beam, which through a “loop” gently around the seat tube. Gaëtan Francq has designed and produced virtually all the parts for the Loop, focusing on esthetics and features. He has limited the elasticity of the lighter aluminum frame by using a heat-hardening procedure and designed the bike with no welds or brazing.

Although simple in its appearance, the Loop bike is easy to take apart thanks to exclusive pieces built and evolving around it’ s main body: its frame. Using an aluminum alloy, each piece has carefully been designed for maximum lightness. The result is that the Loop is easy to build and set up. That said, the owner of this bike can screw in and unscrew parts with the standard tools.

As appealing as the Loop’s design and features are, this city bike from Gaëtan Francq Studio provides many helpful benefits. The developers of this bike have outfitted their Loop with 26-inch wheels and a powerful braking system – Wilwood, which can be easily changed and serviced because Loop has been developed so that most components can simply be removed when needed.

Specially designed steering wheel is outfitted with a GPS that connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth. The bike has a small storage in the seat tube, so riders can bring items like water bottles or other small items with them when they ride. Although comfortable and abundant in many obviously useful functions, the designers neglected to indicate the weight rating of the bicycle, even approximate. This specification, at least, is not on the Gaëtan Francq Studio website at the moment of this publication.

Designed by Gaëtan Francq, the “loop” shapes a very unconventional design for the frame, where a solid rectilinear piece with an apparent loop-shaped knot provides the foundation for rear strut stabilization. The frame, curved on the basis of a profile made of aluminum alloy, the brand of which the engineers prefer not to mention, is heat-treated to provide its durability and stiffness.

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