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A trio of entrepreneurs from San Francisco has created a Ronin bicycle prototype using material of the frame – sheet metal. This frame is held together by “rivets and glue” and it boasts the elegance and clean lines. The frame itself weighs less then1.4 kg. There are carbon-fiber bikes, bamboo bikes, wooden bikes, but that firm in San Francisco has its hand-folded sheet metal bikes. After some experiments using heavy stock paper, the current prototype was built out of 0.6…



An ultra-low maintenance commuter bicycle. No chain, no cables, no brake pads, no derailleurs, no rust, no paint. Wouldn’t life be better with an ESO bicycle weighing 13 kg with shaft-drive that never gets a flat tire, and doesn’t have a chain at all? The ESO Bike claims to be the first bicycle in the world that will be truly, really maintenance-free. It is simple, clean, minimalist to a fault, strong, and durable. What’s so special about ESO? First of…



Bicycles often get stolen when kept at parking lots or outside the house. Space scarcity makes it difficult for users to keep the bikes safe. The FUBi is a bicycle weight of around 12 kg that counters all these problems – it can be just folded. When most people think of a folding bicycle, they likely picture something with small wheels and a funny-looking frame. That’s why several years ago, Finnish designer Ulf Laxström created the FUBi – it’s a…



This design for bicycle frame, commonly used in the aeronautical field, offers a good weight-to-rigidity ratio. TrixonLab plans to build the Voiroo Zero to order and will offer it as a frame weighs 1.65 kg only, in one of two complete bike assemblies. Italy’s Albaviation is in the business of manufacturing small aircraft, along with parts for them. What happens when the company’s TrixonLab division decides to build a hard tail mountain bike? With its riveted sheet aluminum construction, the…



The Italian Leaos company makes the pressed frame using the same methods employed in the production of car bodies. The ultra-lightweight frame features two pressed, laser-cut, and spot-welded parts. The optimized geometry ensures a smooth, agile, and safe ride. The new e-Bike weighs only 15 kg and has a modern design. The powerful drive 250W Bafang rear motor with torque 40 Nm, in combination with the integrated 362 Wh battery, ensures the right mix of weight and range. The e-bike…



Viennese folding bike manufacturer VELLO presents the ultra-light titanium version of the e-bike that can be folded in seconds. Thanks to the titanium frame, belt drive and other details, the new model weighs just 10.9 kg. Such folding e-bike brings back freedom in the city’s limited room for manoeuvre. It takes its owner everywhere and can also be used in combination with other means of transport, both for ‘the last mile’, and for the entire journey. Despite its small mass,…



Triobike Taxi is an easy to ride, manoeuvrable and comfortable 3 wheeled taxi e-bike with a mid-drive system from Brose Drive S (250W) designed to carry adults. With 90 cm of inner width, the passenger seat is among the most spacious and comfortable on the market. The removable middle plate allows people with walking difficulties to sit down easily without having to lift their feet, securing a safe entry and exit. Triobike company from Denmark designed the new taxi e-bike…



HP Velotechnik is the only recumbent bike manufacturer to equip its electric trikes with motors from the German Neodrives. All 15 models from the sporty low-racer Speedmachine to the touring Trike Scorpion plus can be equipped with the rear wheel hub motors now. For the first time, Neodrives will equip its Z20 system with electric reverse gear for the Scorpion and Gekko series. HP Velotechnik was founded by Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller in 1993. Its production site in Kriftel…



B’Safe from Helite, France is the first wearable airbag vest that protects cyclists during their ride. The system is 100% autonomous and follows cyclist’s motion in real-time. When an accident or a fall is detected, the airbag will inflate automatically to protect the thorax, neck and back and ensure optimal protection before the impact. The device is light, conformable, easy to use and reusable after each inflation. With B’safe, the first wearable cyclist’s airbag vest, you can safely ride your…



The Gleam Chassis X is a cargo e-Bike with a unique Dynamic Tilting System (DTS) for smarter & urban mobility. With its tilting technology and full suspension, the Chassis X brings more fun to the driver and more convenience for the cargo. You can turn quickly, handle easily all urban obstacles and have full control over the traffic and your cargo. Gleam is a team of specialists from various fields, who have set themselves the goal of creating tailor-made, high-quality…