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Reconbike company, said to be the “pioneer in bike manufacturing in South Korea,” is offering its latest e-bikes, the Mono series, in several configurations (three variants) weighting 19.2-22.8 kg. The Mono 20” and 26” have a 350W rear hub motor, and the Fat version has a 500W Bafang motor. It’s cheap e-bikes have an LCD display screen for access to battery state-of-charge, indication of speed, the pedal-assist level, and odometer readings. Using accordant urban style and different configurations, the electric…



The FLIT-16 is a brand-new generation of folding e-bike. It was developed in Cambridge, England by an ex-engineer of Jaguar Land Rover Company. With the weight of just 14kg and motor 220W, it is not only the best looking folding e-bike, but also the best one to ride. Designers from FLIT say the geometry of this folding bicycle is optimised for a comfortable and comfortable ride, and is developed with a custom lithium-ion battery 36V with capacity 7Ah, pack that…



Hycore T1 is a multifunctional smart bicycle wheel that contains all the necessary components of an e-bike made in the form of a bicycle wheel. Simply swap the rear wheel on your bicycle. It is based on unique dual motor technology, DUOMO (180W x 2), which improves the motor’s speed-torque characteristic. Each electric motor has its own controller. The third fatter spoke contains the battery pack. On the brand-new model, the outer appearance of the spokes is evened out so…



One look at the Tesoro Neo X Speed from Cannondale and you know it’s not typical electro bike. Its aggressively styled alloy frame and thick wheels are too brutish for a city bike, yet the fenders, rear carrier, integrated lighting, and kickstand not for down a mountain trail. According to Cannondale, this electro bike is a hybrid designed for “backroad bikepacking” and “hooning around the city having a laugh.” The Tesoro electro bike is powered by a 250W Bosch mid-drive…



Hand-built by OTO Cycles from Spain, the Otor is certain to make you stand out in the crowd. Each electric moped truly is a work of supreme craftsmanship. Components the build quality makes the Otor as efficient as it is beautiful. The two-wheeler features a steel frame, a 250W rear hub brushless engine powered by a Li-ion battery, an LCD display mounted on the handlebars, a Brooks saddle, and fat tires. Available in two motorized versions (250 W or 500W…



Meijs Motorman e-bike with retro design, robust steel frame, leather stitched saddle and the electric engine is a bold statement. Silent and environmentally friendly, it attracting many eyes while moving swiftly through the city topping 45 km/h with a 65-km range, while a complete recharge of the battery takes only 4-6 hours. All hand made in Maastricht, the Netherlands. We are all aware that electric bikes are primarily used just to get you to your destination in the most painless…



Designed by Italian company DynaLab, the NoBike rethinks traditional bicycle’s frame production methods to create a special bicycle – one that fits aptly to the size and style of individual riders. The new NoBike’s frame is developed not from welded-together round tubes, but from laser-cut sheets thickness of 4 mm aluminium alloy. All the elements take the form of four triangular pieces, which are bolted together with aluminium spacers sandwiched between them. The junction between the handlebars and front wheel…



As well as on our first prototype with the rear-wheel Bafang drive with a power of 350W, and on the second with the mid drive motor Comp C17 of the same power, e-bike batteries 48V, capacity 13Ah were set at the initial stage of tests. These batteries were assembled from cells 18650, with a capacity of 2600mAh. As a result, such a battery requires 5 x 13 = 65 cells; therefore, the casing with such set of cells has big…



Orange Bikes introduces a new e-MTB in its range, the Surge. Loosely based on the Alpine 6 E and Alpine, this new electric bicycle has been completely redesigned. Orange representatives say the Surge’s revised design and shape is one of the biggest advancements. Along with this, engineers also put quite a bit of work into tuning the suspension kinematics. The Shimano M8000 mid motor sitting behind a robust metal skid plate. Orange has also made the battery of e-MTB removable…



Riding your bike is cool, but there are situations where you have to deal with all kinds of weather. It’s not pretty at all to the bike while raining. Thankfully, a new tent from Roofbi wants to remove the hassle and make the entire process a lot more fun. The idea with its bubble is that it helps you protect your body from any type of climate change. Roofbi eco-friendly bubble (tent), the invention to combat a wet suit and…