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Orange Bikes introduces a new e-MTB in its range, the Surge. Loosely based on the Alpine 6 E and Alpine, this new electric bicycle has been completely redesigned. Orange representatives say the Surge’s revised design and shape is one of the biggest advancements. Along with this, engineers also put quite a bit of work into tuning the suspension kinematics. The Shimano M8000 mid motor sitting behind a robust metal skid plate. Orange has also made the battery of e-MTB removable…



Riding your bike is cool, but there are situations where you have to deal with all kinds of weather. It’s not pretty at all to the bike while raining. Thankfully, a new tent from Roofbi wants to remove the hassle and make the entire process a lot more fun. The idea with its bubble is that it helps you protect your body from any type of climate change. Roofbi eco-friendly bubble (tent), the invention to combat a wet suit and…



The answer to zero pollution transportation over intercity distances is simple – the bicycle. But most of us aren’t fit enough to bike to work every day, nor do we enjoy riding in bad weather. Trimtab from designer David Parott is a 3X3 electric hybrid vehicle designed for intercity travel on conventional roadways. It can hit up to 30 km/h off electric power alone. The electric vehicle is designed with a lightweight, tubular frame made from aircraft grade aluminium. It…



A vision of the future has become a reality: meet Brina 2, electric bike that shapes a new generation in e-motion. The new BRINA 2 is a carbon fibre electric bike, and it’s the lightest in the market, with only 16 kg weight! It has a high-efficiency motor, ranging from 350-500W, and outstanding hydraulic braking system that makes it controllable even in the high speeds. The Brina 2 features a brushless high-efficiency motor that’s completely encased in the hub of…



The Fluid is best-in-class e-bike: beautifully designed, robust, and efficient. Its motor is one of the most powerful on the market. Fuell Fluid e-bike designed for city and limitless adventures packs 2 removable batteries and over 1000Wh of energy. It features a full-colour dashboard and 5 levels of assistance. Its carbon belt and 8-speed geared hub make it perfectly silent and virtually maintenance-free. Eric Buell, the founder of the Harley engine sport bike company that bore his name, is back…



The mileage of the second Avial e-Bike prototype, equipped with mid-drive motor Comp C17, moved beyond 800 km mark. Initially, we tested our e-bike prototype with the C17 motor, working in mode 48V/350W and giving up to 100Nm of torque. In such drive operation mode, our patented frame showed good ability to cope with a high of torque. We couldn’t record its negative impact from loadings on frame units. The first 300 km of Avial e-bike prototype tests underwent in…



Somewhere between an electric bicycle and a small car, the hybrid bike from Schaeffler is located. From 2020, it should make traffic in major cities more environmentally friendly. The manufacturer described the Bio-Hybrid as a car based on an e-bike powertrain. Essentially it is weather protected four-wheel bike that can be powered by battery or pedalling. In the future, a hybrid of e-bike and microcar could shape the streetscape in the metropolises of the world. Equipped with up to four…



The Kymera K-X2 personal watercraft has the best of traditional watercraft with a new design. It is designed for one person to control and unlike the rest does not have a handlebar and is controlled by supporting the body in a seat leaning the body on this electric water bike to reach handles with which to make the turn. Kymera engineers introduced us to the jet board in 2011, which went electric the year after and launched on Kickstarter in…



The Lazer Anverz NTA helmet is designed to fit perfectly with a speed pedelec or an e-bike. The helmet has the same level of protection as a moped helmet, but the weight of a high-end bicycle helmet. It brings together the best of both worlds: well-ventilated, comfortable, lightweight, sturdy with lots of protection, a brilliant visor and the ability to add accessories. The visor on the Lazer Anverz NTA has an important function. Anyone who has driven a speed pedelec…



The Norwegian company CityQ develop a mix between an e-bike and a city car. This light electric vehicle has four wheels and accommodates up to three people plus luggage. Its cargo and passenger e-bike has a 48-volt drive system including an electric motor from 250 to 500 Watts of power, which makes possible maximum speed of 25 km/h with a range of 70 to 100 km. CityQ HQ company is located in Oslo, with a core team managed by founder…