New affordable Avial e-Bikes equipped with a modular design frame built like an Airplane


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The EsCargo is a unique and innovatively designed delivery-centric cargo e-bike, developed by Melbourne-based inventor Oscar Fehlberg, that features steering dynamics that are completely different from any other electric bike. It is capable of carrying loads weighing up to 150 kg. Inspired by Dutch-style products such as the Urban Arrow, the EsCargo’s unique steering dynamics is the result of the fact that the front wheel is placed over a meter in front of you. The load you’re hauling is located…



The Jiggernaut can help anyone build a customized, high quality bicycle frame. It is an affordable bicycle frame assembly jig. It is made from CNC routed, 3/4″ Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Holds the following tubes diameters: 25.4, 28.6 and 31.8 mm. Also, holds tubes of larger diameter, or even tubes with non-circular cross-sections with side holding stand-offs. One of the best ways to build your own customized bikes is to use a frame jig, a piece of equipment that lets…



Mike Silvestri, the Moox developer, created his own bike after observing commuters in San Francisco using both traditional kick-scooters and bicycles to get start and (or) complete their daily commutes. Mike could see that both types of vehicles had advantages on the city streets and in crowds. Mike had the idea to create a hybrid, taking the best of both vehicles and combining it into one interesting vehicle. He added the all-terrain fat tires to overcome both the bumpy city…



The Kruschhausen Cycles Fiiz bicycle has a minimalistic design and can be folded within just 20 seconds and can be easily transported between different locations. As its size is only 101 cm x 74 cm being folded, there is enough space even in a small car to transport it. The start-up Kruschhausen Cycles was founded in 2016 by Tobias Kruschhausen. After five years working as a product designer in an agency right in the middle of Stuttgart and having lots…



Quickguard is the first full length, fully adjustable bicycle mudguard that has the ease and convenience of shorter quick release fenders. The only part that touches the frame is the section of dropout where the skewer nut was. There are no parts that may scratch paintwork, or rattle when riding. When riding in the rain most of the water that makes the rider wet comes from the road in the form of up-spray from the wheels. A cyclists clothing can…



Created by Italian startup Rossi & Bossi and characterized by a frame inspired by sailing, Ondawagon is a versatile, durable and original long tail cargo e-bike, born of the idea of environmentally friendly mobility: a rethinking cargo e-bike features a 250W Brose electric motor and a 630Wh battery. The rather striking looking Ondawagon is the creation of the Italian architect Federico Rossi. Its 2.27m length is undoubtedly long, and this a means to provide additional space for things, particularly to…



With the mission to create something that combines walking and cycling, a team of engineers and designers StepTwin developed the world’s first bionic folding bike. You can easily fold this bike weighing up to 8 kg. It can be folded and unfolded out in 20 seconds. The compact folding bike StepTwin Bike easily fits in a modest space or corners. Also, you can easily take it with you anywhere outdoors, just fold and put it in the trunk of the…



Model 1 is equipped with a throttle and high torque mid-drive motor, which makes it easy for drive, and the footsteps, soft suspension and a fully closed rear wheel keep two passengers clean and comfortable. lockable integrated panniers allow you to easily transport your belongings. What’s comfortable like a scooter, can carry both cargo and passengers, looks like a regular bike, but at the same time fast and powerful, like an electric one? This will be Model 1 from Civilized…



The Yoonit cargo bike can carry various loads, but it is no longer than a regular bike. The base model weighs a little less than 20 kg (44 pounds), and the electric drive version – 26 kg (57 pounds). In any case, the total weight of the rider and cargo may up to 175 kg (386 pounds). The Hamburg-based bicycle manufacturer Yoonit introduced its first series of mini cargo bikes. Each model is the perfect buddy for the city because…



On Nox MTB E-Volution 2.0 e-bikes with a removable 4.6 kg (10,1 pounds) mid-motor drive module from Fazua Evation, you can drive without an electric amplifier, without worrying that a large, heavy motor or battery weights the rider. Sleeve covers down tube without the e-drive. The German company Nox Cycles began its activities with MTB back in 2004, and a decade later transitioning to e-MTB. Since then, they have used several different electric drives in their bikes, and their new…