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The new generation of my Hybrid Pedelec is based on the latest prototype that I have ruthlessly tested in the city and off-road for 3000km (1800miles). This 250W mid-drive e-Bike has a non-welded frame the parts of which are connected together using rivets and special glue. This e-Bike was designed as a bike that suits both city streets and cross-country. It combines the characteristics of different bicycles such as mountain e-bike, road e-bike, and city e-bike into a single unit….



Moto Parilla launches the new Trilix series which has been equipped with Formula brakes with forged callipers, the saddle Biogel super Flex and a 250W or 350W motor. For the 350W motor, the customer must sign the document necessary for use on private roads. Although what stands out the most is its innovative folding aluminium tubular frame and its folding quick-release system. Trilix in the Latin language means truss, and for the ancient Romans it meant canvas strand: the weft…



Referred to by the company manufacturer as a “mini e-bike” the new JackRabbit with ultralightweight about 10 kg and 20” wheels, lacks functional pedals and instead opts for folding foot pegs, thus making it technically more of a seated electric scooter. One of the things that may love about the electric bicycle industry is that there is so much ways for innovation and creative design. And the JackRabbit 2.0 e-scooter might be one of the best examples of out-of-the-box e-bike…



Christini company offers all-wheel drive e-bikes to crush every climb, off-road and snow which are powered by a mid-drive Bafang motor system putting out either 1000W or 1500W – figures that dwarf those of standard road-legal electric bikes sold in Europe. All-wheel drive electric bicycles, which add front-wheel drive to the standard rear-wheel drive found on most e-bikes, open up a world of new possibilities. One of the best uses for all-wheel drive e-bikes is off-road riding. From nature trails…



The idea of MIT Autonomous city ebike is that clients would initially summon the closest available e-bike to their present location, via an app. Guided by GPS that e-bike would autonomously make its way to them with its rear wheels spread apart from one another, allowing it to function as a self-driving tricycle. The MIT Autonomous city ebike has a mechanical attachment that allows it to shift easily from bicycle mode (when in use) to tricycle mode (when the user…



The lightweight design of SX250 models from Eskuta with the 250W power to remain 100% street legal for road combines all the benefits of an eBike, moped and scooter, to provide a simple and capable options for both commuting and commercial deliveries. Looking for an electric bike-cum-scooter that looks good and great for riding? The SX250 eBike weighing 53 kg has a brushless, high-efficiency rear hub motor, giving you all the torque you need to get where you want to…



Other types of cover already exist in the marketplace, released in the past few years, but BikerTop is the only system that allows instant opening and closing. All this is done using several simple movements and the whole rig weighs about 3 kg and the shield is claimed to withstand winds of up to 35 km/h. The idea of bicycle rain covers BikerTop was born from a realization that a primary obstacle for bicycling is the fact that this means…



Urban Ultralight e-bike from Zooz Bikes offers the perfect blend of style and thrills in a minimalist but also creative design. Weighing about 20 kg and come in three versions of rear hub motor: 250, 500, and 1100W, its bike is light and agile. All Urban Ultralight e-Bikes built around a chrome 4130 chromo steel framesets and a chrome cross-bar BMX handlebar furthers the back-in-the-day look. The models of the new series have the cushy moto-style seat—set at a height…



The eFlow e-Bike from Currie Technologies combines American ingenuity and Swiss design. The 500 Watt motor easily propels the bike to 35 km/h and a seat post-integrated e-bike battery with a powerful motor make for unique riding experience. In the world of e-bikes, manufacturers are still capable of thinking outside the box, and at times completely out of sight of the box. It isn’t obviously a pedestrian commuter, yet it doesn’t shout “sport” like a true drop-bar road machine either,…



Route Werk’s bicycle handlebar bag combines the best features of a bar-mounted bag and easy access as to the good old basket, as well as various extras. It has a 3.2 litre capacity and can manage payloads weighing up to 4 kg and its weight is a claimed 615 g. Many cyclists use a classic bar-mounted bag. Instead of a fabric top that has to be unzipped and folded back, however, Route Werk’s bicycle bag has a spring-loaded polycarbonate lid…