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Razor has officially released a smaller version of SX500 electric dirt to cater to younger, smaller riders – the SX350. The kids’ e-bike uses a chain-driven motor 350W to travel up to 22 km/h, and the hand-operated brake helps stop in time. The twist-grip throttle helps quickly accelerate. Designed to look like the motocross bike of famed rider Jeremy McGrath, the Razor Kids’ SX350 features authentic MX frame geometry. This Jeremy McGrath electric dirt bike is designed for riders ages…



The premier canine cargo bicycle is a Bark – e-Bike for dogs from Bunch company. Now you can to hit the open road with your furry friend by your side. The Bark Bike boasts 500W electric hub-motor with built-in headlights. The dog’s e-bike also boasts a side-saddle bag for all your puppy needs, folding cushions for comfort, a locking bench for extra supplies, a double-sided leash for secure protection and a front swinging door. As the saying goes, dogs are…



Ride on virtually any surface, Behemoth e-bike with 1000W mid-drive motor and wide saddle with a lumbar support cushion offering luxurious cabin. It won’t limit you to just ride on streets, trails, or smooth surfaces; it will also take you on steep inclines. The U First frame design provides you with better security by sitting lower to the ground while offering luxurious cabin for a truly enjoyable ride on an upright bicycle. If you’re not familiar with the Day 6…



Germany company Metz has a background in the automotive sector and in e-bikes as well as bicycle ergometers and offers the Mecatech very compact mid-motors that weighs only 2.8 kg. The maximum torque is of some 85Nm and power 250W. Metz Mecatech has been launching the Moover mini-electric scooter for some time and now is expanding this division with its first pedelec drive system. It is assumed that the peak power of this e-bike mid-motors for a short time will…



Sweden engineers developed the world’s first airbag helmet for cyclists. Through the sensors and unique algorithm, the helmet weighting 650g detects the cyclist’s movement patterns and inflates in 0,1 second in case of an accident. The specialized airbag inflates to cover cyclist’s head. A fixates of the neck ensures him the best protection on the market, up to 8 times better than a traditional helmet. Many of the regular cyclists out on road face the danger of concussion. What if…



Weighting 47.7 kg, the electric kart Ninebot is the first Gokart ever that is made to drift. Besides footbrake, it has a mechanical handbrake which allows you not only to stop the vehicle abruptly but even to drift using it. Enjoy the ride with the fastest initial acceleration and sprint from 0 to 24 km/h in 2 seconds. Adjustable frame and steering wheel provide a variety of rider sizes between 130-190 cm height and a maximum load of 100 kg….



The new technology developed by Taiwan Taya is called Diamond Hard Tech (DHT) and according to Taya information: “Provides the solidest hardened base with extreme hardness performance and self-lubrication feature” for e-Bikes with Mid-Drive system with power up to 1000W. e-Bike chain producer claims that its new DHT chains provide increased surface hardness which provides a 8 times longer chain life. Its new Diamond Hard Tech e-bike chains also have reinforced 360 degrees sub-punched pins that have extraordinary riveting power….



In the busy UK city environment, for long trips with up to 350 km range (with battery 36V / 55Ah), new WAU ebike weighting 20-28 kg with motor 250-350W, RWD drive and maximum speed of 25km/h proves to be faster than any mechanical bike, e-bike and even most city motorbikes. Designers and engineers of WAU Team have pushed beyond every challenge to finally provide you with the coolest electric bike made for any rider & daily adventure. The frame of…



The Smug Cycles e-Bike in “Chopper” style design is a cool, eye-catching, aspirational but also affordable, high speed electric bike with 750W, 1KW or 1.5KW rear hub motor 48V to make road-riding effortless and to make off-roading a thrill. Its fat, 3-inch tyres and state-of-the-art suspension makes every ride a smoothly ride. You can go anywhere without the constraints, whether you love inner-city travelling, or want to go off road, or simply enjoy making people smile, this attention-grabber is the…



The Avial prototypes of e-bikes, built like an Aeroplane, equipped with both mid-drive system and rear-wheel motor of 250W will be presented at the exhibition Eurobike show 2019, which will be held from September 4 to 7 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We invite you to visit our stand UO-211, where we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the design of our prototypes, as well as hear your suggestions about possible improvements or collaboration. Many visitors of our website already know…