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The company Fumpa Pump offers two electric bicycle pump models, the Fumpa and Mini-Fumpa. A single charge provides to inflate several road tires, though large-volume mountain bike tires are a different story. Designed to replace your mini-pump or CO2 canister kit, the Mini-Fumpa is a pocket-sized electric bike pump capable of inflating two tires up to 100 psi each (7 bar). Only 32x56x68 mm in size and weighing 190 g, the bicycle pump Mini-Fumpa seamlessly fits inside a shirt pocket….



Since we received priority on the patent application filed earlier, the second version of our bike, equipped with a mid-drive motor, “drive” for tests without camouflage. It was very unusual: pedestrians, motorists and cyclists who turned out to be near, stopped, looked at with interest, and asked – Did he you do it by him yourself? What are the characteristics? Why square profiles, not round pipes? How strong is this frame? How much does it cost? What is the name…



Velocifero MAD designed by Alessandro Tartarini is billed as a cross between a scooter and an electric bike that, thanks to giant oversized tires, can veer well off your manicured suburban street. The MAD certainly has style and personality. It weighs just of 44-48 kg but can hold a rider three times that, sitting or standing.   It ranges is between 30-40 km, speed tops out at 45 km/h. Front and rear disc brakes bring the high-tensile steel-framed scooter to…



  The design of the Techno Cruiser with mid-drive motors power 250, 500 or 1000W with engine torque from 80 to 160Nm and lithium-ion batteries 48V 43,5 or 58Ah was created by Italian Arlix style centre and its curves found inspiration in the aeronautical industry. This e-bike has an interesting combination of the Carbon frame and aluminium Girder fork.   The crossing between bikes and motorbikes created this emerging class of vehicles. It’s not a motorized bicycle, neither an electric…



Electric bicycle RINO with the rear drive motor and 15Ah lithium-ion battery can produce up to 6kW continuous power, top speed 55 km/h with range 50-100 km. A new electric bike named RINO made in Scotland by EVolution custom power bikes and it’s a blend of free rider bicycle and motocross.   Evolution is a company making custom power bikes with a top speed over 100 km/h at 90 Volts. The large battery will get you further; in eco mode…