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Pepper Motorcycles is a Swiss startup oriented towards the development and production of lightweight electric motorcycles. Its prototype was developed to conform to L3e-A1 homologation requirements. This means that this model will have similar performance figures to that of 125cc motorcycles. The recently presented Pepper electric motorcycle is a fine example of how old meets new and together with the design blurs the line between electric bicycles and motorcycles. Developed by Jonas Ohlsson and his team, the Pepper electric motorcycle…



As you probably already know, riding an electric bike is one of my hobbies. The decision to create my own full suspension Cruiser e-bike with a non-welded frame led me to several random test drives of similar bikes, both classic without electric traction, and those equipped with a rear hub electric system. Turns out that the Cruiser bike offers a very special, simply unforgettable experience from the ride and, in terms of ride comfort, it is almost impossible to outperform…



Cambrian e-bike batteries with single carbon electrode cells from Japanese PJPEye promises a lifespan of over 10 years with over 8,000 lifecycles that are fully covered by warranty. QuickCharging™ technology allows you to reach full charging in only 20 minutes. The dual carbon electrode cell was developed in 2014 by Power Japan Plus in a partnership with the Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. In 2017, Hiroaki Nishina created a company to develop and put that technology into production. In 2018,…



The front suspension of the wild looking Cycleworks SCW 1 enduro bike has 150-mm travel and the new design with improved head angle maintains a more consistent front-center length, increases trail, and minimizes brake dive by about 40-percent. Lately, bike suspension has been in the spotlight. Why? This is because riders are getting adventurous and more people want to take their bikes off the beaten trails. However, not every bike can adapt to off-road and rough terrain. Special enduro bikes…



Moonbikes is an ultralight 100% electric snow bike made for adventure that lets you travel on snow at speeds up to 40 km/h (26 mph). There is also a rear hub track drive with 3 kW of power that will let you ride around the town no matter how many snowdrifts appeared at night. The Moonbikes French startup entered the market with its innovative offer. Dubbed the «Stardust», it’s effectively an all-electric off-road bicycle designed with the express purpose of…



  Shednought electric motorcycle is equipped with a 5kW electric motor together with a 52V, 4kWh battery pack which provide a 90km/h (55mph) top speed. The standard bike weighs 111kg, and range is up to 80km (50 miles) with the standard 42kg battery but you can get a higher-capacity battery if you like. The bike’s key feature is that it can be easily modified to suit the owner’s very specific needs. “From the outset, we wanted to build a short-range…



Polestar calls its own project the Re:Move a three-wheel “urban sled”. It is compact and mobile enough to fit most cycle lanes but also strong enough to handle a 275kg (606lbs) weight. To keep the vehicle as light and sustainable as possible, it is produced using the fully recyclable aluminum. It is an electric cargo drawing vehicle designed to be a dynamic, three-wheeled urban ‘sled’ with a sleek and minimalist look. The rider stands in the back and rides the…



The EsCargo is a unique and innovatively designed delivery-centric cargo e-bike, developed by Melbourne-based inventor Oscar Fehlberg, that features steering dynamics that are completely different from any other electric bike. It is capable of carrying loads weighing up to 150 kg. Inspired by Dutch-style products such as the Urban Arrow, the EsCargo’s unique steering dynamics is the result of the fact that the front wheel is placed over a meter in front of you. The load you’re hauling is located…



The Jiggernaut can help anyone build a customized, high quality bicycle frame. It is an affordable bicycle frame assembly jig. It is made from CNC routed, 3/4″ Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Holds the following tubes diameters: 25.4, 28.6 and 31.8 mm. Also, holds tubes of larger diameter, or even tubes with non-circular cross-sections with side holding stand-offs. One of the best ways to build your own customized bikes is to use a frame jig, a piece of equipment that lets…



Mike Silvestri, the Moox developer, created his own bike after observing commuters in San Francisco using both traditional kick-scooters and bicycles to get start and (or) complete their daily commutes. Mike could see that both types of vehicles had advantages on the city streets and in crowds. Mike had the idea to create a hybrid, taking the best of both vehicles and combining it into one interesting vehicle. He added the all-terrain fat tires to overcome both the bumpy city…