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The Italian electric bicycle conversion kit company Bikee Bike has a new model weighing just 1.65 kg with power 250-1000W offers up to 90 Nm of torque. Users bolt the drive unit onto the bottom underside of the down tube, so that it’s adjacent to the bottom bracket. The bicycle’s chain is then routed around The Lightest’s powered cog, while also staying engaged with the teeth on the bottom of the chainring. In this way, both the motor and the…



The Scrooser weighing about 60 kg have a throttle and is a perfect mixture of an e-scooter and a motorcycle that have seat for a rider who wish to sit down during a particularly good run which with 36 V/20 Ah battery can offer a range of up to 45 km. The German-designed Scrooser works by something known as “impulse drive.” This consists of a direct-drive electric motor built into the rear hub, that augments the rider’s kick-power. Whenever a…



The WAU e-Bike is a model for consumers seeking an ideal solution to use it for commuting or leisure purposes without restriction in terms of battery range up to 24.5Ah and can be outfitted with either a 250 or 500W motor that will provide a range up to 160km. WAU is a UK start-up, and its eponymous single-sized model has some striking design elements that perhaps points the way to the future of e-bikes. This e-bike is a conventional design…



By analogy with the compact and unpretentious Citroen 2CV, I tried to develop a concept of an inexpensive city bike that would combine simplicity of production, practicality, ease of use and low weight of 15-16kg (33-35lbs), which, if necessary, can be easily lifted on several stair flights, and in the basic configuration, it is easy to transport the necessary things or purchases, while from the outside it looks like a regular, not electric bike. Traditionally, bicycles use aluminum tubes that…



Tough yet refined, this bike has just the right amount of street-savvy. Blackline bike is presented as a reductive version of what an urban utility bike can be. The frame is angled and doesn’t have a top bar and this makes it easier for those riding it to get on and off the seat when stuck in traffic. The urban bike Blackline is the creation of a design company called Minimal – the same design studio that has worked with…



Mountain Bees Bike from German company Altinsoy Manufaktur with a frame made from a “special light alloy” has a completely modular design that lets you quickly change over from hardtail to full suspension. You also can easily adjust its sizing and positioning. Mountain Bees Bike makes clear that it’s not a typical bicycle from the moment it catches your eye, but it’s the modular design that really distinguishes it from the analogy. It has a beefy trellis-style frame. The bike…



The tricycle from Taga Bikes not only does it have a giant front trunk, but it also has two kids’ seats to carry the family around. Its ability to hold more than just kids – pretty much anything up to 70 kg. A dual-handlebar system helps keep closer to the kid(s) while shortening the tricycle’s overall length. Switching between riding mode and stroller takes around 15 seconds once you get used to it, a little longer if you have your…



It’s an all-aluminum fully-enclosed electric-assist MaxxVelo velomobile with a weight of approximately 56 kg, built by Austin’s Michael White. The MaxxVelo frame is made from bent 5052 aluminum tubing, covered with riveted aluminum-sheet body panels. The MaxxVelo velomobile is a one of a kind electric vehicle that is a half bicycle and a half car; it can be peddled, moved via a throttle, or even an electric peddle to get the driver from point A to point B. Velomobile also…



In comfort bicycles from Alter Cycles used a frame with swap different down tubes. It’s actually more curved, flexible bow-like … thing, that’s available in three levels of stiffness and the stiffness of the ride can be altered to suit the rider. Mark Groendal, an inventor of the Reflex, essentially redesigned the classic diamond frame that was designed over a hundred years ago. By modifying the front triangle into “the modified triangle” that flexes changes everything about the ride and…



Small wheels on electric scooters can easily get stuck in potholes, causing the rider to fly over the handlebars. The SnikkyBike combines the agile riding properties of a kick scooter with the stability and comfort of a road bike transform it into an effortless electric vehicle. Developed by a group of entrepreneurs based in Montreal, Canada the SnikkyBike electric scooter is fitted with a large 700C bicycle wheel in the front and a small 16-inch motorized wheel at the rear….