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The new off-road e-bike by ÅSKA is always ready for adventure



Designed and built in Belgium, this 1200W rear-wheel-drive new bike was designed as a clean-energy powerhouse for daily use. Moreover, the designers thought it was intended for the adventurous people who like to spend a lot more time near nature and enjoy life outside the grid.

The problem with modern electric mid-mounted bicycles, the developers at ÅSKA believe, is the fact that they can’t be modernized and they will be out of date in just a couple of years. It is difficult to accept them, although it is unquestionable whether their new off-road e-bike has a module design. So, when better parts and technology are available, the owner will be able to upgrade them on his existing bike instead of having to purchase a whole new one. When it comes to the selection of components, the Belgian company relies on quality as well as durability. The aluminum alloy 7020 they use is one of the materials with one of the strongest values not only for durability, but also for recyclability.

ÅSKA means “thunder” in Swedish and, the developers claim, this model is built to turn rough road travel into a pure pleasure and to make your journey to work as well as to rest an unforgettable experience – each day over and over. And with serious torque, full suspension, and 29-inch wheels with Schwalbe Hurricane 29×2.4 tires, this e-bike is certainly deserving of its name – it’s designed to travel at speed where another bikes dodge.

From smooth or abrupt on the road to sharp and sharp on off-road, this e-bike can be a joy to ride. Exciting thrills await you at every turn. With no gadgets, just state-of-the-art features, including the 4-piston CURA4 hydraulic disc brakes, it’s safe to ride, keeping you going better no matter where you ride. That said, the huge Busch & Müller IQ-X front and tail lights turn night to day, offering superb vision.

As a power plant is used Neodrives Z20rs rear drive of 1200 watts, providing the off-road e-bike with a top speed of 45 km/hour. In the opinion of the developers, the rear wheel drive is very effective because it doesn’t transfer power through the transmission. It works in cooperation with a Pinion C 1.6 gearbox and a lightweight, low-maintenance carbon Gates belt with a spring tensioner, which is by far the optimum solution for high-speed bikes. ÅSKA powered by a 950Wh battery with a voltage of 48V, collected on the basis of Samsung cells. This gives on a single recharge a driving range of 60 km at 45 km/h in real-life applications.

This off-road e-bike’s rear dual-bearing solo pivot front suspension has 70mm of travel and works in concert with the Öhlins TTX1 shock absorber. The Formula Selva-C front suspension frame has a 36mm post and 130mm stroke.

The ÅSKA frame is 100% designed and manufactured in Europe, as well as most of the basic components. If a non-European component is used, it is only because the European market does not currently offer suitable alternatives. The start of production is planned for 2022.

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