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A rider can alter the size and shape of the NoBike bicycle’s frame



Designed by Italian company DynaLab, the NoBike rethinks traditional bicycle’s frame production methods to create a special bicycle – one that fits aptly to the size and style of individual riders. The new NoBike’s frame is developed not from welded-together round tubes, but from laser-cut sheets thickness of 4 mm aluminium alloy.

All the elements take the form of four triangular pieces, which are bolted together with aluminium spacers sandwiched between them. The junction between the handlebars and front wheel runs through a spacer that can be moved forward or backwards. Cyclists can adjust the length of the bicycle frame, instead of having to go with a frame made in one specific size.

Suited to riders between 160 and 200 cm, the slot-and-slide mechanism grants the NoBike 80 cm worth of movement, making this bicycle frame ergonomically suitable for men, women, adolescents and adults alike. Riders can adjust the slots according to their height and needs, meaning the model can be ergonomically tailored to the exact height of an individual.

If you’re one of a lot of us do want something that looks a little different, then you might be interested in the NoBike. The weight of this bicycle frame (14 kg) is normal for a single-speed city bike, but it’s certainly not going to break any records. In the future, DynaLab will work on transferring the adjustable own design into an e-bike format.

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