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Meijs Motorman – new e-bike with retro design



Meijs Motorman e-bike with retro design, robust steel frame, leather stitched saddle and the electric engine is a bold statement. Silent and environmentally friendly, it attracting many eyes while moving swiftly through the city topping 45 km/h with a 65-km range, while a complete recharge of the battery takes only 4-6 hours. All hand made in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

We are all aware that electric bikes are primarily used just to get you to your destination in the most painless way possible and most of them aren’t that spectacular in terms of design. Unless your e-bike is the Meijs Motorman retro e-bike. This model is everything an urban transporter should be: stylish, convenient, environmentally friendly and fun to use. It was designed in order to circumvent traffic jams.

The Meijs Motorman aims for simplicity. It has no pedals and features an industrial retro look. It offers very little in terms of versatility but performs its main function perfectly. The retro e-bike is powered by a lithium polymer battery housed where a fuel tank would normally be. The plug is concealed beneath the fuel tank and all you have on the steering head are the speedometer and two buttons, one for the headlight and the other for the horn.

The Meijs Motorman electric bike is the fruit of Dutch designer Ronald Meijs love labour, and its simplicity is what draws the curious. It’s a 21st-century hobby horse, one that begs to be ridden.

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