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Ancheer – mini e-bike or electric scooter?



It is a little e-bike from Ancheer sits somewhere in the middle. It’s a stretch to call it an “e-bike” since it doesn’t have any manual assistance or pedals. But it’s probably not entirely accurate to call it a scooter, most would probably think of a primarily standing ride with two smaller wheels. It’s basically bike – like electric scooter weighing 12 kg with slightly more substantial wheels, a seat and better range with a far more comfortable and leisurely ride.

The Ancheer bike-like electric scooter is pretty lightweight, mostly weighed by its 350W motor and a 36V, 6Ah battery. Company representatives say that the frame can handle up to 120 kg and the range on this bike at around 20 km. To accelerate, you simply twist the right handle. The bike is rated at IPX5 as a whole, so you shouldn’t really be too concerned with normal water exposure at all — if it’s not a downpour.

Ancheer e-Bike convenient and saves space and our time, inspired by the shape of dolphins, also conform to young people’s pursuit of freedom and fashion. Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, it can reach speeds up to 25 km/h. It also has cruise control, get a certain speed and no need to twist the throttle all the time.

Ancheer electric scooter definitely more powerful than your average e-scooter, but not nearly as powerful as a higher-end e-bike. You get the best of both worlds here since you get to sit on it and it weighs little enough that you can pop it in your truck and take it with you if you go out of town.

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