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Franco Bicycles launch first 3D-printed Emery ONE e-bike



The first 3-D-printed e-­bike, the Emery ONE has an aerospace-grade carbon-fibre frame mated to a Bosch motor with 63Nm and a fully integrated 500-Watt-hour battery. The process also leads to greater freedom, as the technology allows making fully customised bikes on an on-demand basis. The process takes the design and final manufacture of a bike frame from 18 months to just a few days at a significant reduction in product development costs.

Startup company Arevo is to manufacture ‘world’s first’ 3D-printed carbon fibre unibody bike frames for the new line of Emery ONE e-bikes from Franco Bicycles. The frame of an e-bike is made as a single part, in contrast to current composite frames, which are made of many parts glued together. With Arevo’s intelligent continuous carbon fibre placement, unprecedented structural integrity and stability are achieved.

Key features of this 3D printed e-bike include:
– A 3D-printed, single-piece carbon fibre construction frame;
– Arevo DNA manufacturing process where every layer of continuous carbon fibre is optimized in both length and orientation for performance and safety requirements.

Hector Rodriguez, the co-founder of Emery Bikes, says: “We chose Arevo technology because its iterative and flexible design represents the new age in composites manufacturing, and we wanted to be the first e-bike company to help lead this revolution”.

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