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Anticus Bikes develop vintage inspired electric bikes



Anticus Bikes are based in Wanaka, New Zealand. In this company develop vintage inspired electric bikes that look great and ride even better. The Anticus Ultra’s design concept was to hide the battery and electrical components under a 1920’s style tank that gives the Ultra is a unique look. Vintage inspired e-bikes are powered by 36V 11Ah battery and driven by a 250W rear hub motor.

The Antics Ultra vintage electric bike is a performance eco-friendly electric bike powered by a powerful 250 (350) Watt rear hub motor. This combination offers a top speed of up to 35km/h with a pedal assisted range up to 50km making the Anticus Ultra the ultimate choice for putting the fun into commuting or a for the weekend travelling.

Antics Ultra have an option of a Double Springer Front End. This gives more shock absorption in the front of the bike for a smoother ride. Also, this model has another option 500W motor combined with the 48V / 13Ah battery will achieve speeds of around 45-50km/h. This model is for off-road use and is not street legal. All variants have front and rear Tektro disc brakes give the needed stopping power and come with a front LED headlight and tail light.

Anticus Ultra vintage electric bike has stylish leather handle grips look and feel great. The Leather seat on the also gives you a comfortable ride. The model Ultra comes with a throttle to control your speed in addition to the peddle assist system. LCD screen allows you to monitor your speed, battery life, and trip distance. You can also charge your mobile device through the USB port on the screen.

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