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Iozzio Cycles designed the new concept of bike lights



We’ve already seen bike lights that are built into the stem, rims, fork, brakes, bars and even the kickstand. Jesse Iozzio is a bike mechanic and entrepreneur designed slick solution to lighting up the road.

Simply called the Integrated Bike Light, the water-resistant system uses two small lights that attach at the skewers, with a battery hidden inside the fork steerer tube. The system gets activated by the push of a button on the special top cap, which also has a micro-USB recharge port. Locking skewers with a secure IBL key ensure your wheels and lights are both safe from theft.

Iozzio quotes a run time of 2 hours at maximum brightness of 520 lumens. Electrical energy from a Nitecore 3,400-mAh lithium-ion battery travels right down to the bike lights by way of a particular conductive tape. When users need to remove a wheel, they just unplug the wire from that wheel’s LEDs.

The tail bike lights offer a wide width lens providing board rear coverage. The headlights feature a medium width lens excellent for ground coverage as well as spotlighting.

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