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Portable electric bicycle pump – the Fumpa Is a super Mini!



The company Fumpa Pump offers two electric bicycle pump models, the Fumpa and Mini-Fumpa. A single charge provides to inflate several road tires, though large-volume mountain bike tires are a different story. Designed to replace your mini-pump or CO2 canister kit, the Mini-Fumpa is a pocket-sized electric bike pump capable of inflating two tires up to 100 psi each (7 bar).

Only 32x56x68 mm in size and weighing 190 g, the bicycle pump Mini-Fumpa seamlessly fits inside a shirt pocket. Capable of inflating a single 700 x 23c tire up to a maximum pressure of 120 psi (8 bar), the Mini-Fumpa is a powerful device that gets the rider back on the road in an instant. With inflation taking about 40 to 50 seconds per tire and a full recharge only taking one hour via USB, a cyclist can get rid of their floor pump collecting dust and taking up space in their home.
The Unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery charged via USB port and can inflate 6 tires on a single charge at a maximum of 120 PSI. Another clever inclusion is the digital pressure sensor to get the most accurate reading during inflation.

The larger electric bicycle pump Fumpa version weighing 380 g with size 42x73x87 mm can inflate six tires on a single charge, has a digital readout, can get 700 x 23c tire put to 100 psi in just 20 to 25 seconds. Fumpa also includes a digital pressure sensor to present accurate pressure readings to the user (in psi, kPa, and Bar units). It has a very compact and portable footprint; this could easily be stowed in a backpack and taken with you on long rides.

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