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Cargo bike Yoonit can be carried easily or transported by car



The Yoonit cargo bike can carry various loads, but it is no longer than a regular bike. The base model weighs a little less than 20 kg (44 pounds), and the electric drive version – 26 kg (57 pounds). In any case, the total weight of the rider and cargo may up to 175 kg (386 pounds).

The Hamburg-based bicycle manufacturer Yoonit introduced its first series of mini cargo bikes. Each model is the perfect buddy for the city because these cargo bikes are compact, light, agile and ideal for urban spaces. Yoonit is a cargo mini-bike, but it feels like a regular bike. It is easily placed, for example, in an elevator or a train compartment. The Yoonit is 177.5 cm long, which corresponds to the length of a regular bicycle, and it weighs around 26 kg with a Shimano EP 8 engine and a STEPS 504Wh battery. This means that the cargo bike can be easily carried or transported by car without any problems.

The cargo bike is available in three different models, each with its capabilities. With the help of three quick-detachable clamps, various carriers can be installed quickly and without tools. Even large loads can be transported without any problems, as they are quickly and easily fastened with straps. You can also transport up to two young children. Five-point belts ensure a comfortable and, above all, safe ride. Behind the backrest there is a practical compartment for storing things, which has a place for a drinking bottle, a bicycle lock, a teddy bear or a jacket.

It seems that the goal was to create something that could be placed in elevators, a train compartment or in the back of the car. The short length is achieved by equipping the cargo bicycle with relatively small wheels – 16 inches in front and 18 inches in the rear. They have aluminum discs with double walls and are equipped with Schwalbe Big Apple tires. Some of the additional features of Yoonit cargo bikes include the Gates Carbon Drive drivetrain, the Shimano internal geared hub transmission, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, as well as Busch & Müller front and rear lights.

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