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Electric scooter SnikkyBike combines the agile of a scooter with comfort of bike



Small wheels on electric scooters can easily get stuck in potholes, causing the rider to fly over the handlebars. The SnikkyBike combines the agile riding properties of a kick scooter with the stability and comfort of a road bike transform it into an effortless electric vehicle.

Developed by a group of entrepreneurs based in Montreal, Canada the SnikkyBike electric scooter is fitted with a large 700C bicycle wheel in the front and a small 16-inch motorized wheel at the rear. This design makes it possible for the rider to roll over obstacles easy instead of suffering jarring collisions and falls. Additionally, the short wheelbase lets it stay nimble and manoeuvrable, as it needs to be in urban environments. Adding to the SnikkyBike’s focus on safety is how it requires its riders to stand on foldable footboards, forcing them to stay alert to the environment and also giving them the ability to get off quickly and effortlessly should they need to.

Its top speed is 32 km/h, with one charge of its removable 36V lithium-ion battery allowing for a range of about 30 km – regenerative braking helps it reach that figure. The SnikkyBike is a truly innovative electric scooter in that it effectively manages to blend portability and light weight on one hand and ruggedness on the other. Its use of a vintage concept makes it all the more compelling, and its portability and durability makes for a practical combination.

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