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Folding e-bike model C from YikeBike weighting 11,4 kg



YikeBike has listened to its early adopter customers and created the next evolution of the folding e-bike. One of the first questions is asked when riding around town is “What happens when you run out of power?” The answer is simple: “You can fold the YikeBike up and continue on”. You can take it everywhere you need to go, never have to worry about leaving it out of your sight, and no more bike locks! Having a YikeBike makes getting to all meetings and public transport something you will never have to worry about.

The folding e-bike model V from New Zealand weighing 13,5 kg is constructed of hydroformed aluminium and composite reinforced polymer designed to give you freedom. The additional option of an articulated 3-wheel rear axle offers flexibility and different riding configurations with maximum speed 23 km/h and range 14 km.

The model C with weight 11,4 kg is the prestigious premium product from YikeBike company. Meticulous material preparation and finishing deliver the ultimate in bragging rights. High-tech carbon-fibre construction materials and hand finishing mean there are only a folding e-bike model C available to the discerning buyer.

YikeBike has evolved… the fully electric folding bike that a remains undiscovered by most of the world is now even better. You can be assured the YikeBike is genuinely innovative and award-winning. It’s even made it into the World Guinness Book of Records for being the most compact electric folding bike, as well as one of the top 50 inventions of the year in Time magazine.

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