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Hövding developed the world’s first airbag cyclist’s helmet



Sweden engineers developed the world’s first airbag helmet for cyclists. Through the sensors and unique algorithm, the helmet weighting 650g detects the cyclist’s movement patterns and inflates in 0,1 second in case of an accident. The specialized airbag inflates to cover cyclist’s head. A fixates of the neck ensures him the best protection on the market, up to 8 times better than a traditional helmet.

Many of the regular cyclists out on road face the danger of concussion. What if there was a way to protect yourself against head injuries and look fashionable, without the limitations of a traditional helmet? Look, this is a Hövding airbag helmet. In case of an accident, Hövding airbag expands to become both thicker and softer than a traditional helmet, reduces the risk of concussion up to eight times and almost completely eliminates the risk of a skull fracture.

Hövding cycling airbag is a radically different way, which includes a collar that rapidly expands into a head-enclosing airbag. Hövding claims, that they provide “the world’s best shock absorption capacity”, an unusual statement for a cyclist’s helmets manufacturer, most of which seem to carefully avoid making any claims at all about their efficacy against impacts.

The so-called cold gas inflator that inflates this cyclists helmet uses helium and is located in the collar on the cyclist’s back. It is some heavier at the back than at the front so when you’re cycling the weight is resting on your back. The airbag fixates the neck and provides very soft and gentle shock absorption. In case of an accident, the pressure remains constant for several seconds, making it able to withstand impacts suffered.

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