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e-Bike mid-motors weighting 2.8 kg from Metz company



Germany company Metz has a background in the automotive sector and in e-bikes as well as bicycle ergometers and offers the Mecatech very compact mid-motors that weighs only 2.8 kg. The maximum torque is of some 85Nm and power 250W. Metz Mecatech has been launching the Moover mini-electric scooter for some time and now is expanding this division with its first pedelec drive system.

It is assumed that the peak power of this e-bike mid-motors for a short time will be 700Watts, and the power is supplied by 522Watts or 612Watts/hour batteries. They are available as external versions (with a tubular or luggage compartment) or as Intube versions and can be charged in about four hours.

The mid-motor from Metz is quite narrow with 20x16x10 cm and can be mounted in different ways. It should run very quietly and is controlled by integrated pedal force and force sensors. On the e-bike drive is a connection option for speed and switching sensors, integrated connectivity options for front and rear lights are available. The system includes a remote control on the handlebar, composed of a small TFT display in addition to the buttons. This can be used to read all relevant data, such as the selected support level, battery capacity or speed. The range, mileage and other information also can be retrieved.

Metz Mecatech has a lot of know-how thanks to its two service areas of plastics production and SMD PCB assembly as a supplier to car manufacturers and stands by it for high reliability. If you are looking for a high-quality and at the same time functional drive system for your e-bike lines, you can tailor it to your needs. The e-bike mid-motors is manufactured by Metz in Nuremberg.

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