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Innovatively cargo e-bike with carrying loads weighing up to 150 kg



The EsCargo is a unique and innovatively designed delivery-centric cargo e-bike, developed by Melbourne-based inventor Oscar Fehlberg, that features steering dynamics that are completely different from any other electric bike. It is capable of carrying loads weighing up to 150 kg.

Inspired by Dutch-style products such as the Urban Arrow, the EsCargo’s unique steering dynamics is the result of the fact that the front wheel is placed over a meter in front of you. The load you’re hauling is located at the front in between the axles, which is made to improve the center of gravity. This design ensures that the cargo bike’s haul is in view and safely held together, and allows for improved stability and handling for those who ride it.

The lack of frame work above the front wheel in EsCargo provides a lower front rack and more space for cargo. The front axle is steered through a set of Dyneema sailing ropes and pulleys, that activate a pair of traction cables. The axle is held between two articulating arms that can move to accommodate an impressive degree of axle tilt. It turns out that these Dyneema sailing ropes are designed for some pretty extreme performance. “Those cables are stronger than the steel cable, and have less stretch,” says Fehlberg.

Many people call the Electric Cargo Bikes the “car killer”, Proving to be healthy and practical alternative for those who wishes to reduce costs, increase exercise and save money, reduce their fuel bill, improve their overall fitness, and save the planet.

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