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Polestar has designed the «Urban Sled» Electric Cargo bike



Polestar calls its own project the Re:Move a three-wheel “urban sled”. It is compact and mobile enough to fit most cycle lanes but also strong enough to handle a 275kg (606lbs) weight. To keep the vehicle as light and sustainable as possible, it is produced using the fully recyclable aluminum.

It is an electric cargo drawing vehicle designed to be a dynamic, three-wheeled urban ‘sled’ with a sleek and minimalist look. The rider stands in the back and rides the tricycle as if it were a scooter. Other details – such as the autonomy and the maximum speed – have not yet been released. Its flat-floor design and long wheelbase will allow to transport all types of packages that need to be moved between two points at a short distance.

We know Polestar as the Volvo spinoff that is high-end electrified and electric cars, such as the Polestar 2 EV sedan and the PHEV Polestar 1 coupe. But Polestar’s focus on battery-powered transport is obviously wide-ranging, stretching all the way to the electric cargo bike introduced here.

The cargo e-bike project that you can see has been commissioned by Wallpaper Magazine and created in conjunction with Polestar, Hydro aluminum producer, CAKE electric motorcycle manufacturer, and designer Konstantin Grcic.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath says, “This is just the beginning. The electric transmission is only the first step, then we have to pay attention to the whole supply chain and the materials we use in production. This is so much more exciting than it was in the last twenty years when designers were just making things pretty.”

In detail: