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JackRabbit: e-bike with no pedals or an e-scooter?



Referred to by the company manufacturer as a “mini e-bike” the new JackRabbit with ultralightweight about 10 kg and 20” wheels, lacks functional pedals and instead opts for folding foot pegs, thus making it technically more of a seated electric scooter.

One of the things that may love about the electric bicycle industry is that there is so much ways for innovation and creative design. And the JackRabbit 2.0 e-scooter might be one of the best examples of out-of-the-box e-bike design. The new look comes from a mismatch of proportions. The rear wheel sports a Fat tire for a better ride, while the front wheel rocks a narrower tire to reduce weight. The wheelbase has been dramatically shorted, which results in a turning radius of just 84 cm.

Designed by former UC San Diego triathlon coach Tom Piszkin, JackRabbit takes the best from e-bikes, e-scooters and other available first- and last-mile solutions and delivers a new product. It’s an electric scooter with a 6061 aluminium monocoque frame similar to that on an e-bike – just footrests. “The result is a new way to get around faster and easier than walking but with all the safety, simplicity, and convenience of walking,” the makers say.

Basically, if you know how to ride a bicycle, you’d have no trouble with this quirky little thing. Hopping on the JackRabbit, a quick push-off gets the strider moving and enables the throttle. The JackRabbit has to be moving for the throttle to activate, but that’s just a matter of pushing off with a foot or two to get things rolling. After the e-scooter is in motion, you can pull your feet up onto a pair of flip-down pegs at the bottom of the unit.

The greatest advantage is that, unlike e-bikes, the JackRabbit e-scooter is incredibly light – so light that even a child can lift it off the ground. It’s 1,2 m long and weighs 10.4 kg with battery included. It features a 300W continuous-rated hub motor that can propel the bike up to 32 km/h and doesn’t have a chain or gears, relying solely on its electric drive to power it around town.

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