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The new Trilix folding e-bike weighing 21,5 kg from Moto Parilla



Moto Parilla launches the new Trilix series which has been equipped with Formula brakes with forged callipers, the saddle Biogel super Flex and a 250W or 350W motor. For the 350W motor, the customer must sign the document necessary for use on private roads.

Although what stands out the most is its innovative folding aluminium tubular frame and its folding quick-release system. Trilix in the Latin language means truss, and for the ancient Romans it meant canvas strand: the weft of three intertwined strands guaranteed a great strength. By the time, the term “truss 3 D” was adopted by the mechanic industry to the point recursive structure of three elements. In the motorbike industry, the space frames are linked to the purest Italian tradition, to which Trilix belongs.

The new Trilix is a premium folding e-bike with an attractive design that with Lithium Battery 21700 36V 15 Ah offers a range of 120 kilometres. Also, it has five levels of pedalling assistance, double suspension, LED lighting, disc brakes, a three-speed gearbox and a saddle signed by the renowned Selle Italia brand. Moto Parilla allows you to choose between 16-inch or 20-inch wheels on all its models and at no additional cost. Trilix’s folding process is simple, robust and secure. Once the e-bike is folded through a double safety folding system, it makes your travel experience fluid and enjoyable. As a result, Trilix the perfect outdoor companion for weekend / ride as well as transport / urban mobility.

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