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Moox Hybrid – between Bicycle and Scooter



Mike Silvestri, the Moox developer, created his own bike after observing commuters in San Francisco using both traditional kick-scooters and bicycles to get start and (or) complete their daily commutes. Mike could see that both types of vehicles had advantages on the city streets and in crowds.

Mike had the idea to create a hybrid, taking the best of both vehicles and combining it into one interesting vehicle. He added the all-terrain fat tires to overcome both the bumpy city streets, trails and other terrain. The fat tires provide both comfort and safety – there’s no way that tire of such size can get in a rail. Moreover, the fat tires also have become trendier in recent months, but the choice of their usage was primarily stemmed from function and comfort.

As can be seen, it has both a seat with a set of pedals, and a foot platform that the rider can stand on while he keeps moving. The pedals can be also folded away, so if you just want to use it as a scooter, you can. The design also implies that there’s no crossbar. These are good news, as any man who’s accidentally caught himself on a crossbar can confirm. In terms of bike specs, it has a Shimano 7-speed cassette, and an extra-wide all-weather sealed bearing bottom bracket. The frame is made of high strength aluminum and is equipped with 7×1 Shimano Drivetrain breaks with a grip shift.

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