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The Fiiz folding bicycle can be folded within 20 sec



The Kruschhausen Cycles Fiiz bicycle has a minimalistic design and can be folded within just 20 seconds and can be easily transported between different locations. As its size is only 101 cm x 74 cm being folded, there is enough space even in a small car to transport it.

The start-up Kruschhausen Cycles was founded in 2016 by Tobias Kruschhausen. After five years working as a product designer in an agency right in the middle of Stuttgart and having lots of experience in product development, he finally decided to develop and realize his vision of a modern folding bike. The result is the Fiiz, the innovative alternative to the well-known folding bicycle.

It is a fusion of stylish urban bike and practical folding bike, developed for everyday urban life. Fiiz can be disassembled in a matter of seconds and without any extra tools. The handlebars and pedals can also be folded so that you can easily take it in the bus, train or trunk. When folded, it can be effortlessly pushed or pulled with one hand and thanks to its low-maintenance and lubricant-free belt drive you won’t have to worry about staining your clothing with grease. The result is a minimalist diamond frame bike of the highest design standards that you can ride properly, fold easily and that looks damn good.

Fiiz suggests a lot of interesting solutions. For instance, it features a quick release latch integrated onto the top bar which activates its folding mechanism, allowing the bike to be literally folded in half. But what else makes the Fiiz different from most other folding bikes? It looks just like a traditional urban commuter model, but with regular proportions. In fact, unless someone told you that it was a folding bike, there is virtually no way of spotting its true nature just from looking at it. This is different from most competing models, which often have skewed geometry or strange proportions.

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