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New e-bike with centreless wheels designed for urban dwellers



Victor Tabares, a designer from bustling Barcelona, developed this new e-bike for urban dwellers. Centreless wheels increase torque, quickening the brake’s response time, so you can stealthily slink your way through traffic lights and cross-sections of your city.

This hubless new e-Bike is almost real and could be everywhere in the near future. Most of the OOH BIKE standout features are integrated into the bicycle itself. Most of the top tube, or rectangle, in this case, is a battery pack. An LED light strip shows battery levels in five stages. Adjustable seat and integrated cable system make it the ideal, sleek bike for any urban dweller. This new e-bike front wheel is entirely hubless, so the finished and functional bike obtains the metropolitan style. Additionally, the spokeless front helps rotate the wheel quickly and with little effort. While centreless wheels are primarily an aesthetic solution, they are well operated in urban environments.

We’ve seen hubless new e-bikes before, but 99% of them were just ideas. Few ever make it to the real thing. Whether it is true or not, we’re about to find out very soon.

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