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New VELLO folding e-bike weighs just 10.9 kg



Viennese folding bike manufacturer VELLO presents the ultra-light titanium version of the e-bike that can be folded in seconds. Thanks to the titanium frame, belt drive and other details, the new model weighs just 10.9 kg. Such folding e-bike brings back freedom in the city’s limited room for manoeuvre. It takes its owner everywhere and can also be used in combination with other means of transport, both for ‘the last mile’, and for the entire journey.

Despite its small mass, VELLO rides better than conventional city bikes. Folding e-bikes normally are a bit shaky. Designers have avoided this problem by not hinging the frame, as most folding bikes do. Instead, the junction is where the shock absorber is located. To compensate for the small wheels, they have increased the wheelbase a little. This way you get the same distance with the same cadence as is the case with large wheels.

VELLO folding e-bike allows up to 100% recharging of battery while riding the bike. The energy with this new system is harvested as before by braking and pedalling, just that it now also converts mechanical energy into electrical energy thanks to the Integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). In that way, additional energy is released to recharge the light integrated lithium-ion battery. Through this new technology, VELLO drive system automatically keeps the battery charged.

Choose from different assistance levels to get the extra push you need with the 250W motor. It is electrically-assisted when you want it to be. You can ride up to 25 km/h for unlimited mileage in “self-charging mode”, or in “turbo mode” up to 30-50 km on a full charge without any effort. As soon as you stop pedalling, the motor will stop pushing. The generated power depends on several factors including the bike speed, the pedalling speed, the road slope and the selected power mode.

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