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Nimble cargo scooter with a platform built to carry 136 kg



Cargo bikes are already a frequent enough sight in cities, but you might be seeing a different sort of cargo transport on the streets soon. This Nimble scooter features a cargo rack between the front wheel and handlebars, creating a platform built to carry 136kg of cargo and can fold in half for easy storage.

Nimble Scooters is a California based start-up that specializes in people-powered cargo transportation. The first sketches and prototypes came out in 2011 when the founders, a group of friends were looking for an easy way to get around campus or even their workplace while carrying projects, gym gear or groceries. They wanted something smaller and simpler than a bicycle, just ideal for shorter distances.

This startup is now launching the new Urban cargo scooter, a design that’s smoother, lighter and more versatile than its original Classic. The new scooter takes short trips while carrying more than 25 kg of gear or goods. The Urban has a steel frame, linkage front-wheel steering system, foot-activated rear flex brake and kickstand. It weighs 13.6 kg.

Nimble Urban is an elegant twist on the classic kick scooter but includes the utility of a bicycle. A front platform is designed to accommodate any object secured with elastic straps. A patented arm linkage system helps connect the steering, making the cargo scooter very easy to navigate, incredibly stable. The Nimble urban is fully customizable, able to hold baskets, crates, gear and even most bicycle accessories. It can be taken into trains, in elevators, inside shops, restaurants, or office buildings, thanks to its foldability and discreet size.

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