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Ondawagon from Rossi & Bossi – rethinking cargo ebike



Created by Italian startup Rossi & Bossi and characterized by a frame inspired by sailing, Ondawagon is a versatile, durable and original long tail cargo e-bike, born of the idea of environmentally friendly mobility: a rethinking cargo e-bike features a 250W Brose electric motor and a 630Wh battery.

The rather striking looking Ondawagon is the creation of the Italian architect Federico Rossi. Its 2.27m length is undoubtedly long, and this a means to provide additional space for things, particularly to the rear. This cargo e-bike is certainly adaptable. In the space behind the driver, users can choose various options for storing cargo, a passenger seat or even two children’s seats. In the same part of the bike there are compartments for storing things. Other accessories include folding bags, aluminum racks and leg footrests.

But this is not cargo ebike electric bicycle, which looks odd, it’s all made like that for a reason. The first thing we see that distinguishes this bike from everyone else is its exceptionally long frame. The design of this bike offers a much more aesthetic look than any of the other competitors. Many cargo spaces throughout the ebike gives it enough opportunities to compete with any other cargo e-bike on the market.

The Ondawagon cargo ebike is made of aluminum 6061-T6 and powder coated to keep it as weatherproof as possible. Over the frame of the bicycle has an accent strip of wood. The 250W drive system has a torque of 90Nm, which is enough to provide each bike with a carrying capacity of 150 kg (330 lbs), not counting the driver. That’s enough to carry another rider with you, so you can place the second seat and cargo on the bike.

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