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StepTwin folding Bike: walking and cycling – we got both in the same product?



With the mission to create something that combines walking and cycling, a team of engineers and designers StepTwin developed the world’s first bionic folding bike. You can easily fold this bike weighing up to 8 kg. It can be folded and unfolded out in 20 seconds.

The compact folding bike StepTwin Bike easily fits in a modest space or corners. Also, you can easily take it with you anywhere outdoors, just fold and put it in the trunk of the car and enjoy fitness anywhere. Folding size: 55 x 58 x 31 cm (21.6 x 23.0 x 12.2 inches). Using its folding technology, any rider can fold this bike in a matter of seconds without the help of any special tools. It has an adjustable seat and steering column makes it perfect for any size, thanks to its telescopic design, it can comfortably accommodate riders from 130 to 210 cm tall.

This folding bike is equipped with two independent driving gears that use Dual Bionic Independent Drive Technology, that doesn’t overload the joints of the body. It allows riders to sit, walk and ride at the same time! This makes it a practical vehicle suitable for sports, leisure and commuting Transmissions are available on both sides and you can twist the pedals/stomp with any combination or right and/or left foot,

even at different pedal speeds. It has 5 independent speeds for each leg enabling for automatic and manual speed change.

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