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Original Denny bicycle with handlebar that can used as a lock



Original Denny bicycle integrates automatic running lights that turn on when the bike is in motion, a unique fender with rubber bristles that wick away rain, and a breakthrough patented lock design that transforms the handlebar into a giant U-lock.

The Denny Bicycle is the work of a design agency called Teague and it won the Bike Design Project. The original Denny bicycle comes with the electric drive pedal assist that helps you on difficult terrains. This assistive motor is powered with a removable battery. It utilizes a Shimano Alfine rear hub transmission, that shifts gears automatically based on the rotational speed of the front wheel.

Instead of regular fenders, which can sometimes be kind of clunky, it utilizes a cluster of rubber bristles that lightly brush against each tire – the idea is that these will cause rain water to shed off the tire before it can spray up onto the rider. The original square-shaped handlebar can be removed from the stem (by flicking a lockable mounting lever), pulled apart into two pieces, and then used to secure the bicycle by locking those pieces back together again with part of the frame inside of them.

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