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Lightweight Angell smart e-bike lets you monitor your ride



Angell smart e-bike is a 14-kg bicycle with an aluminium frame, integrated lights and a removable battery. It has a 2.4” touch screen to fully control of the bike. The battery should last 70 km. There are also turn signals that you can activate with a button.

The lightweight Angell e-bike connects with your phone using Bluetooth and has an integrated lock and alarm system. But Angell wants to go one step further with its integrated display. First, you can select different levels of assistance directly on the bike itself. You can display information on the screen when you’re riding your bike, such as speed, calories, battery level and distance on the screen. You can also set an emergency contact so that they automatically receive a notification if your lightweight bike detects a fall. More interesting that you can set a destination on your phone and get turn-by-turn directions on your bike. In addition to arrows that tell you when you’re supposed to turn, your handlebar vibrates as well.

Most electric bicycles, even those for cities, are heavy. This means that the same people who are supposed to be buying them, commuters living in cramped apartment buildings with no room for storage and at least one flight of stairs to climb daily, won’t because of the task of taking them out and back again is in itself discouraging. Developer Marc Simoncini, most famously known as the guy who founded the French dating site Meetic, has heard these complaints and is out to make a difference. He announced the launch of the first product from his new company, Angell: an electric bicycle designed by French designer Ora-Ito, with a frame so light it rivals non-electric counterparts.

A 250W rear hub motor augments the rider’s pedalling power, taking them to a top electric-assisted speed of 25 km/h. Stopping power is provided by front and rear Tektro HD-R310 hydraulic disc brakes.

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