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Original design folding bicycle from FUBI Finnish company



Bicycles often get stolen when kept at parking lots or outside the house. Space scarcity makes it difficult for users to keep the bikes safe. The FUBi is a bicycle weight of around 12 kg that counters all these problems – it can be just folded.

When most people think of a folding bicycle, they likely picture something with small wheels and a funny-looking frame. That’s why several years ago, Finnish designer Ulf Laxström created the FUBi – it’s a folding bike with full-size wheels and a more-or-less traditional-looking frame. Now, his son Zakarias has introduced the FUBifixie. It has even more normal appearance, plus it offers some other advantages over the original.

The Fubi is made up of foldable and collapsible steel tubing. When folded up and without the wheels the Fubi fits inside a small golf bag and can be easily stored under a bed or in the trunk of a car – the bicycle measures 825 mm long x 250 mm high x 165 mm wide (not including the wheels). At the folding stage is used the quick locks as the assembled bike is a 26-inch model with a wheelbase of 1,080 mm, the overall length of 1,230 mm.

The Finnish engineers who designed this bike focused on one ultimate goal. They worked hard for the tubes and parts of the bicycle frame can be folded in a parallel manner. Parallel folding makes the bicycle so compact and flexible. The front and back wheels have been made with the same measurements. You don’t have to identify every time you assemble the bicycle which wheel goes to the front and which one to the back. Also, you do not need special equipment for assembling or folding the bicycle.

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