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Shaft-drive ESO Bike is made for without problems cycling



An ultra-low maintenance commuter bicycle. No chain, no cables, no brake pads, no derailleurs, no rust, no paint. Wouldn’t life be better with an ESO bicycle weighing 13 kg with shaft-drive that never gets a flat tire, and doesn’t have a chain at all?

The ESO Bike claims to be the first bicycle in the world that will be truly, really maintenance-free. It is simple, clean, minimalist to a fault, strong, and durable. What’s so special about ESO? First of all, it’s not an electric bike. It’s of the old, traditional, human-powered variant and has one single gear. Instead of a chain or belt drive, the ESO has a fully-enclosed shaft-drive drivetrain. This means you will no longer have to fix your chain, get your hands dirty or worry about clothes getting caught in it. Because there’s nothing that can break.

Because there’s only one gear, there are no shifters, derailleurs, gearboxes, or the associated cables. There are also no brake levers or cables, thanks to the use of a single rear coaster brake – that’s the type that you push back on the pedals to operate. The lack of cables minimizes both clutter and maintenance since brakes (non-hydraulic ones, at least) and derailleurs usually need to be adjusted as their cables stretch with use.

Instead of the usual tires, the ESO uses Tannus Aither 1.1. solid tires mounted on 48-spoke deep V double-wall rims, effectively doing away with any chance of getting a deflated or flat tire. Because no one likes to ride around with hand pump and sealant for a “just in case” situation.

And finally, because the ESO bicycle has an unpainted stainless steel frame, therefore paint chips and rust are out of the picture. Finger-oil smudges and whatnot are another story, so riders might want to invest in a nice soft polishing cloth.

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