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Pino semi-recumbent tandem cargo e-bike



The new tandems Pino from Hase Bikes with 250W Shimano Steps E6100 can double as cargo e-bikes or family taxis. Even more? With their infinitely adjustable length and telescoping mechanism, the new Pinos can be shortened to the size of a mountain bike!

In other words: you can shorten the wheelbase by simply pushing the two parts together. The Pino can be parked in any hallway or cellar, requiring no more space than a classic bicycle. With the handlebars folded down, it can even be made compact enough to fit on any standard rear-mounted car rack. Even more mind-blowing: on the that shortened cargo e-bike is rideable! At its minimum length, the wheelbase is roughly equivalent to that of a city e-bike, and the handling and turning radius are more or less the same.

The front passenger seat accommodation is adjustable, while simultaneously adjusting the wheelbase of the cargo e-bike for additional agility and additional stability. Also, the long front chain adjusts itself automatically. The extendable distance between the wheels allows you to fit a bunch of different underslung cargo options to augment the storage provided by the rear rack. You can attach a zip-up carry bin big enough to do a full grocery shop provided. 250W mid-drive motor with a 504Wh battery that’ll handle most round-town trips.

Electric bikes have seen an unprecedented surge in popularity, and cargo e-bikes are hoping to be next in line. Versatility has been the trump card with the latest Pino. Tandem, pedelec, children’s taxi, travel bike, cargo, or city e-bike – the Pino can be anything.

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