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Bicymple Nuvo bicycle with a comfortable upright seating position



Bicymple Nuvo bicycle consists of wheels of different sizes. It is sturdy and durable, made of the strongest materials. Yet it is elegant and minimalistic. Its simple design is will impress you and make your ride especially comfortable and enjoyable.

Riders choose between models with single speed and 2-speed transmissions. To shift between each gear, riders conveniently use their heel to tap on a button located on the pedal’s crank set. For the 2-speed version, riders can stop the bike with a front rim brake and a Tektro hydraulic disc in the back. On the single speed bike, there’re front and rear discs for braking.

Called the Bicymple Nuvo, it re-imagines the 19th-century ‘penny farthing’ bicycle, but with a focus on minimalist design. “The Nuvo is what happens when you mix modern technology, durability, and reliability with the elegant and simplistic designs of yesteryear,” according to Bicymple’s website.

Penny-farthings were a critical piece of bicycle history but were limited because the gear ratio was a direct function of wheel size. To ride faster, you needed a larger wheel. With modern innovations, the penny-farthing can again be an elegant and playful solution to pedal power.

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