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Smug hub motor e-bike designed for all terrain



The Smug Cycles e-Bike in “Chopper” style design is a cool, eye-catching, aspirational but also affordable, high speed electric bike with 750W, 1KW or 1.5KW rear hub motor 48V to make road-riding effortless and to make off-roading a thrill. Its fat, 3-inch tyres and state-of-the-art suspension makes every ride a smoothly ride. You can go anywhere without the constraints, whether you love inner-city travelling, or want to go off road, or simply enjoy making people smile, this attention-grabber is the perfect e-bike.

Set up in 2013, the company finalised its prototyping and testing, ready to launch its first model, the 1,000W CT100 aimed squarely at the USA. The ultimate aim of designers and engineers of the Smug Cycles was to create an e-bike that was truly eye-catching without compromising on performance, attracting a huge demographic of consumer/commuters looking to bridge that gap between push-bike and motorcycle, joining the benefits of both. They spent two years designing the Smug e-bike.

Dynamic and indisputably unique frame design of this e-bike is wonderfully complimented with either 750W rear-hub motor for sweat-free cruising, or with 1000W one for those who like to live in the fast pace, or of a whopping 1500W for crazy off-roaders, all coupled with top spec hydraulic disk braking and superb front fork suspension. A 5-level power-assist gear changer at your fingertips allows you to cruise around and still to keep up with traffic or truly unleash this beast, and accelerate to 80 km/h (1500W model only).

Smug is designed to stand out. Have you ever seen an e-bike that looks like a vintage American motorcycle? It’s a timeless, classic design, built to last. This attention-grabber is the perfect e-bike with rear hub motor! Everyone who rides on a Smug hub motor e-bike will love it, but especially commuters, people who already ride motorcycles, plus fashionistas.

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