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WAU ebike for long trips with up to 350 km range



In the busy UK city environment, for long trips with up to 350 km range (with battery 36V / 55Ah), new WAU ebike weighting 20-28 kg with motor 250-350W, RWD drive and maximum speed of 25km/h proves to be faster than any mechanical bike, e-bike and even most city motorbikes. Designers and engineers of WAU Team have pushed beyond every challenge to finally provide you with the coolest electric bike made for any rider & daily adventure.

The frame of WAU ebike is lowered to give a sporty angle and allow riders to get on and off easily. Seat can be adjusted from 83 cm and up to 110 cm. Perfect comfort for riders anywhere between 162 cm and 195cm in height. In combination with adjustable handlebar height, WAU lets you customise your ride for long, low, aerodynamic rides or upright, relaxed cruising, you will always feel good.

WAU ebike is designed with what at first glance seems to be a minimalist approach in design. But examine it in some details and you will find a sparkle of magic. WAU patented high-grade case includes the high-capacity lithium-ion battery Samsung cell, computer chips, controller, wiring, glowing logos, and all security units to sit perfectly flush in the canter of the bike frame in an ultra slim case.

Ideal weight distribution allows WAU not only to remain fairly lightweight but also to improve its aerodynamic characteristics, power distribution and overall provide great riding control on the bike being on the road. Unique lights on ebike frame have a few tricks on their sleeves. Automatic colour change technology changes colour immediately upon your request.

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