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Structure’s Wild Looking Cycleworks SCW1 enduro bike



The front suspension of the wild looking Cycleworks SCW 1 enduro bike has 150-mm travel and the new design with improved head angle maintains a more consistent front-center length, increases trail, and minimizes brake dive by about 40-percent.

Lately, bike suspension has been in the spotlight. Why? This is because riders are getting adventurous and more people want to take their bikes off the beaten trails. However, not every bike can adapt to off-road and rough terrain. Special enduro bikes are built for off-road riders and those who would love to ride both on city roads and dirty trails.

The Structure Cycleworks team presented their new SCW 1 Foundation mountain bike — a beastly build that pays no mind to established conventions. At first glance, the SCW 1 looks just like any other trail-ready bike — as long as you’re only looking at the rear end. A proprietary “suspension chassis” linkage that imitates the dampening system of the traditional downhill bike has been redefined, reformatted, and refit to the front, replacing for the traditional telescoping fork system.

Stiffness, compliance, and responsiveness of this enduro bike are now in perfect harmony. A fork and chassis that haven’t just been designed to work as a unit, they are the unit. The carbon, double-crown fork connects to the oversized down tube via two robust carbon control arms, creating a stiff, precise platform. Stresses are distributed over the strong core of the frame, rather than concentrating stresses at the head tube, and mass is kept low and centralized for responsive handling.

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