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Moonbikes is an ultralight 100% electric snow bike



Moonbikes is an ultralight 100% electric snow bike made for adventure that lets you travel on snow at speeds up to 40 km/h (26 mph). There is also a rear hub track drive with 3 kW of power that will let you ride around the town no matter how many snowdrifts appeared at night.

The Moonbikes French startup entered the market with its innovative offer. Dubbed the «Stardust», it’s effectively an all-electric off-road bicycle designed with the express purpose of plowing through drifts. At the front, it has a broad ski coupled to a multi-point bicycle-like suspension setup to skim efficiently over the snow. And when it comes to the body, you’ll find room for up to two 2kWh battery packs. While the one battery is good for 18 to 36 km (11.7 – 21.7 miles) range, the second battery will provide up to 70 km (43.5 miles) depending on usage.

Founded by a former Dassault Aviation engineer, MoonBikes was established based on a simple fact: snowmobiles are big fat polluting machines, they are noisy, smelly, difficult to drive and expensive. To revolutionize snow-mobility, MoonBikes conceptualized the snowmobile experience and created an electric, ultralight & silent snow bike, foldable to ease its transportation, simple to use and affordable. MoonBikes are 4 times lighter and 2 times less expensive than regular snowmobiles.

While the company’s snow bike can’t compete with the power or range of a traditional snowmobile, it bests the gas-guzzler in two key areas. First, its electric powertrain means it’s much eco-friendlier. Second, it’s much more compact and lightweight, tipping the scale at just 80 kg (176 pounds) with one battery. That’s less than half the weight of a traditional snowmobile.

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