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Tesoro Neo X Speed – electro bike for nature-loving hooligans



One look at the Tesoro Neo X Speed from Cannondale and you know it’s not typical electro bike. Its aggressively styled alloy frame and thick wheels are too brutish for a city bike, yet the fenders, rear carrier, integrated lighting, and kickstand not for down a mountain trail. According to Cannondale, this electro bike is a hybrid designed for “backroad bikepacking” and “hooning around the city having a laugh.”

The Tesoro electro bike is powered by a 250W Bosch mid-drive motor (max speed of 25 km/h) that gets its juice from a 500Wh li-ion battery located in the frame downtube. The battery can be removed with a key for easy charging indoors, or it can be charged while still fitted to the bike. A full recharge takes about 4-5 hours. Fast-rolling, all-terrain tires, 29″wheels, front suspension, and plenty of intricately implemented Bosch power as comfortable off the road as on.

To driving you can thumb through Eco, Touring, Mountain biking, and Turbo modes, with each adjusting the power delivery and torque to the displayed activity. The optional Cannondale fenders, integrated lighting, bike rack, and kickstand fitted are much-needed accessories for the city, but considerably weigh down the electro bike (up to 23,6 kg).

The Tesoro Neo X is an electro bike that encourages you to take the road less travelled. If your commute to work already involves both pavement and paths, then count yourself lucky.

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