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The new CYLO One urban bicycle is designed for speed and comfort



The Cylo One Bicycle can boast the original minimal design and built-in break and head lights to keep the cyclists as visible on the busy streets of their city as possible. These strong lights are powered by the kinetic energy generated.

If you are to design the perfect urban bike, what would its feature be? A lightweight frame? A powerful headlight? A simple paint scheme? Cylo is a brand-new startup on the Portland, Oregon, bike market, the co-founders of which are American-French brothers Eric and Antoine Duvauchelle. The urban bike is American-made, although its lightweight aluminum frame was collaboratively developed with in Paris, France. In addition to the well-shaped frame, the bicycle can boast, among other benefits, a carbon belt, dynamo power, and LED-lit brakes.

The Cylo One bicycle unique design is created to provide the user speed and comfort for the whole day. It is the result of hundreds of design studies based on Eric and Antoine’s own experiences and feedback from friends who ride their bikes daily. «Everyone likes to cycle fast, it’s part of our nature. But not to the detriment of comfort». Antoine says. They believe lights should be an integral part of the urban bicycles, but not the add-ons that you forget to charge and that can be stolen or left behind.

For safety, they embedded an accelerometer so super bright tail light brake light comes on as you slow down. The dynamo-powered LED lights are 205 lumens and the lens is perfectly angled to ensure full awareness of your surroundings and to be highly visible. Finally, the carbon belt drive will silently get you to the desirable location keeping your pant cuffs clean. “We aimed at creation the bike that would make heads turn, a no-compromise machine for the discerning modern rider”, Eric says.

Eric and Antoine are in the process of finalizing the prototype and will start a crowdsourcing campaign soon. They intend to create the first batch of 50 new bicycles in the near future.

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