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The Reframed bike frame may be assembled by its user



The Reframed is a bike, developed by a group of Dutch designers. It’s a single-speed bike with a frame crafted out of separate pieces of aluminium that the user must put together themselves through a clamping connection with nuts and bolts. They offer the basic version of the frame from which you can build your own creative and unique version of the bicycle, without being obligated to buy parts that you don’t need.

Because the frame isn’t welded together or painted, there are fewer production costs to recoup. The different frame elements are instead anodized in a colour of the buyer’s choice, and then bolted together by the buyer once he receives the bike kit. The whole process reportedly takes about an hour and includes just 15 steps. The separate elements of the bike frame are connected through a clamping connection of nuts and bolts.

Secondly, because the bike is sold as a kit that’s packed into a relatively compact box, shipping costs should be lower. Finally, because all sales are conducted via the company’s website, there are no physical brick-and-mortar stores that have to cover their overhead.

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