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A loop frame integrates the battery into the Klever X e-bike



A loop frame integrates the 850 Wh battery into the Klever X е-bike. The curved top tube creates a unisex frame design with reduced step-over height. All the brake cables, gear cables and electronics are installed entirely within the stem and frame too.

Klever Mobility is a German company with a noble mission to bring car drivers on board the e-bike revolution and make the daily commute as green and healthy as possible. The Klever X range aims to make this goal easier to accomplish as it offers a selection of four bikes that combine style, performance and innovative features in one.

The difference between Klever’s rides and normal e-bikes, however, is the build. Rather than simply adding motors and batteries to ordinary frames, Klever designs their frames around their Biactron rear- drive system. An integrated battery is a key to the Biactron system. The angular “loop” shaping looks more like a man’s frame, but the down slope of the top tube creates a lower step-over height that should appeal to women accustomed to step-through frames. All cables are mounted internally, keeping the X appearance smooth and clean.

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