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The Ridekick Bicycle Trailer is, in fact, an e-bike kit



The Ridekick Bicycle Trailer is, in fact, an e-bike kit. The motor and battery get you going with an e-bike conversion. The motor spins the trailer wheel, the wheels grip the ground, and you are pushed forward on your bike. How come no one has come up with this before?

With the Ridekick, you can pedal your bike as much as you want and press the throttle when you need a boost. Having the motor transmission separate from the bicycle means not having to commit to an electric bicycle. You get to keep the bike you already own. Ride it solo for short trips around town, and fire up the Ridekick Bicycle Trailer for longer rides and hauling some cargo. It’ll whiz you round on the bike lanes at a steady 30 km/h. A weather-resistant storage case with a lock keeps your goods dry.

The Ridekick has a 24V sealed battery pack that takes 4-6 hours to charge, and that powers a 500W electric motor. A chain drive runs from that motor to the axle, at the left-hand wheel. Speed is controlled by a handlebar-mounted throttle, that is hardwired to a microprocessor in the trailer. The hitch design provides a smooth push. There is no notable sideways push, and no “jack-knife” feeling. It’s easy to do figure eights as if there wasn’t a trailer attached! Most cyclists are comfortable with the boost after only 20 secs of riding. The battery comes in a small carrying case with a small charger.

Riders can cram in a maximum of 42 litres of stuff, then secure the lid using its built-in combination lock. The bicycle trailer weighs about 20 kg, without any rider-added cargo. The Ridekick electric trailer is designed to fit on any bike or trike that can pull a trailer.

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