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Powerful full-suspension folding frame e-Bike



With a battery of up to 130km of range, up to 50km/h top speed and a multitude of advanced safety features, MOAR e-bikes are unlike any other electric bike. These bikes are also the only e-bikes that have full 100mm suspension, fat tires, and a foldable frame.

MOAR folding e-bikes take all the best features in existing electric bikes and enhance them with industry firsts — making them the most innovative and ultimate e-bikes on the market today. Powerful and fast with a motor up to 1000W, unlike any e-bike on the market, MOAR distinguishes itself from the rest with its unmatched power, innovative safety features, sleek design, and incredibly smooth riding.

The full-suspension reduces wear and tear on your body and bike. It softens impact and reduces fatigue on your hands, legs, and joints. It also increases traction – letting you stay in control over rough terrain or higher speeds. The frame of the folding e-bike is made with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. Despite the lightweight frame, MOAR is built to load a weight to 125 kg and endure extreme use. When you’re done with your journey, the e-bike folds in half for easy stowing.

MOAR is crafted for day and night riders, with 1000 lumen LED headlamps which light the road in front, and angel eyes to illuminate the rider. Should you get caught in the rain, the waterproof wiring is hidden within the frame to avoid any issue. The MOAR folds “to half its size” for transport or storage, and weighs about 27 kg without the battery (battery adds between 4 and 5 kg). So, it’s not a lightweight, but it’s also said to be a powerful and comfortable e-bike not only for ride sand and snow and mountain bikers, but the company believes that its models are well-positioned to be an everyday e-bike.

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