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You can assemble yourself Bellcycle and remake it to cargo bike or e-bike



The Bellcycle features front wheel drive for an ultra-compact bicycle and comes in a kit of 100+ parts which you assemble by yourself. And as you have assembled it you can remake it according to your needs into a cargo bike or e-bike. It takes from 10 to 15 min to learn how to ride.

The Bellcycle, which is the brainchild of Labs Bell, is completely different from any other bike, except for perhaps the penny-farthing, and its compact design, modular nature, and distinctive riding style are a fresh look at bicycle design. The goal of this project is to create a bicycle which is smaller, cheaper, and more modular than “regular” bicycles. It can be assembled by yourself from a variety of materials and it does not require any welding. The riding position is upright and relaxed with your hands naturally by your side.

The Bellcycle is modular and open source, and looks DIY enough to appeal to the cycle-hackers and pedal-powered experimenters. In the Labs Bell, they try to inspire the riders to tinker with the system. It’s built in a relatively open way, so the customers can change and augment the bike by themselves in the way they need it to be like. According to the Bellcycles presentation, the bicycle will is able to be built into a two-wheeler, a tricycle, a cargo bike, or an e-bike, depending on the rider’s needs.

It also has a strange and at the same time somehow effective drivetrain. The Bellcycle is designed to have front wheel drive through an innovated “criss-cross” gearing system. The pedals have been moved to the front wheel and the overall body has been shorted with an added pivot in the centre for better stability. Furthermore, the “criss-cross” drive is included that makes the transmission compact and omits high costs.

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