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Alfa Romeo 4C IFD Bicycle with the C-shaped cross-section of the frame tubes



The 4C IFD Bicyle weighting 6,9 kg is a collaboration of Alfa Romeo and Italian company Compagnia Ducale. The bicycle is luxurious and boasts optimal high-end performance; the bicycle’s name stands for ‘Innovative Frame Design’ that refers to the C-shaped cross-section of the frame tubes, which is aimed at provision of the higher speed.

The style of Alfa Romeo 4C is inspired by the dynamic and fluent lines of the frame that reveal a stylized “4” figure. The section of the frame recalls the letter “C” and is a world premiere carbon fibre semi-tube section, the same as the frame of Alfa Romeo 4C. The same principle was applied by Alfa Romeo engineers in designing the 4C to obtain a weight / power ratio lower than 4 kg / HP, a genuine super car result. To achieve this, they decided to reduce the car’s weight by choosing materials that combine lightness and efficiency, and improving – at sometimes even creating – manufacturing processes that fuse high technology and craftsmanship.

The innovative “C”-shaped cross-section of the frame weighing 6,9 kg introduces a carbon-fibre half-tube structure made of the same high-tech material that was used for the Alfa Romeo 4C chassis for the first time in the world. The profiles of the elements run fast towards the handlebar junctions, of the bottom bracket and of the saddle creating structural strong points connected by steel tie rods, elevating assembly technology and frame strength.

We’ve seen before that automakers partner with bicycle manufacturers on numerous sets of wheels. Some tempt and disappoint, but this strikes as one of the coolest auto-branded bikes. Icon of style and technological innovation, the limited-edition 4C bicycle is entirely crafted by hand in Italy for lovers of unique, exclusive objects.

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