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In Ronin bicycle frame using sheet metal with rivets and glue



A trio of entrepreneurs from San Francisco has created a Ronin bicycle prototype using material of the frame – sheet metal. This frame is held together by “rivets and glue” and it boasts the elegance and clean lines. The frame itself weighs less then1.4 kg.

There are carbon-fiber bikes, bamboo bikes, wooden bikes, but that firm in San Francisco has its hand-folded sheet metal bikes. After some experiments using heavy stock paper, the current prototype was built out of 0.6 mm thick 6061T6 aluminium. The sheets of metal (aluminium and titanium, among others) are perforated to make them foldable, which means that anyone with access to automotive chassis glue and a rivet gun can put them together.

Rob, Mark and Andy are three mechanical engineers, who make up the company known as Ronin Metal Masters. They have devised a patented system for cutting lines of perforations into laser- or punch-cut pieces of sheet metal, that allows those sheets to be folded by hand.

Ronin claims that folded metal frames trump traditional welded ones, saying that folding skips any welding that can weaken the frame material by creating heat affected regions at the joint.

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