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An elegant KZS bicycle with a beautifully bent frame design



The design of the KZS bicycle differs not only in the form of its frame, but also in the shape of the material used. The concept is not made up of the common tubular components; this bicycle has rather began with a flat strip of metal that was then sculpted into a graceful 3D form.

Hungarian designer Kiss Zsombor has created the KZS bicycle, an urban minimal cruiser concept. the basic idea was to combine a 2D-lines series with 3D forms, transforming a flat design into a usable object. The geometric shape of the frame structure offers a sense of fluidity, evoking lines of both movement and stability. A bicycle that behaves with stability and the necessary stiffness to support its rider actually seems to be as delicate as a sinuous ribbon. The brushed metal bends gently around the front tire and up towards the seat post, leaving the middle of the two-wheeler with an open body that looks impossibly lightweight and extremely agile.

Its phosphorescent rectangular frame and fork, wooden handlebar and seat post, together with minimalist pedals—all these features join together neat geometrical patterns of the bike, creating an aesthetic that somehow manages to blend organic and industrial into a beautifully coherent package. It might not be the most practical ride, but it’s certainly one of the most beautiful.

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