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The ExoDyne electric motorcycle was hand-built in a garage



The ExoDyne electric motorcycle was hand-built in a garage by veterinary orthopedic surgeon Alan Cross within 9 months. Cross has an engineering degree and is a self-taught manufacturer, who can shape metal on his own without the need to use help.

The ExoDyne electric motorcycle is based around on a bespoke center box frame that directly connects the head stock with the swing arm pivot point – an arrangement generally seen as ideal by motorcycle engineers. The box frame contains 48 lithium polymer (LiPo) battery cells arranged in a 100V 32 Ah configuration, capable of a 600 A output but restricted to 200 A.

Power is provided by a rear hub 11 kW (30 kW peak) motor made by EnerTrac, which uses a Sevcon Gen 4 motor controller. The in-hub motor significantly increases unsprung mass that in turn compromises overall suspension response and handling. Moreover, due to its natural lack of leverage, it needs incredibly high amperage to operate. Alan explains that the electric motor provides exceedingly good torque, and thanks to the properties of electric motors it doesn’t need a gearbox – that reduces drivetrain power losses.

Other cool features that complement the electric motorcycle are the LED light bar headlight, customized rear-set foot pegs and a small Cycle Analyst display that shows speed, amps, total discharge and other essential information. As far as performance goes, the ExoDyne has a top speed of 96 km/h (60 mph) and a total range of about 30 km (20 miles) in its current configuration – not bad figures for a do-it-yourself, garage-built bike.

Cross has personally produced the whole spidery frame in the garage. A mix of aluminum, carbon-fiber, and titanium components are used to check the weight. The final ExoDyne avatar of weighs just 112.5 kg. Final touches like seat upholstery and frame powder coating were outsourced to experts.

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