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eFlow e-Bike with seat post integrated battery



The eFlow e-Bike from Currie Technologies combines American ingenuity and Swiss design. The 500 Watt motor easily propels the bike to 35 km/h and a seat post-integrated e-bike battery with a powerful motor make for unique riding experience.

In the world of e-bikes, manufacturers are still capable of thinking outside the box, and at times completely out of sight of the box. It isn’t obviously a pedestrian commuter, yet it doesn’t shout “sport” like a true drop-bar road machine either, with the straight bar and somewhat generous tire size. Even the lightest e-bike in eFlow’s program shines with carefully selected components. Power, range and sporty design are the key attributes of the models from Currie Technologies.

The renunciation of fenders, lighting and luggage rack emphasizes the athletic claim of those models and saves weight. The voluminous seat tube with an integrated e-bike battery increases the stability of the frame and thus the safety of the whole bicycle.

Two aspects brand the bike as a non-conformist: the amount of front suspension built into the fork with 30 mm of preload-adjustable travel built into the steering tube, and the aero-looking seat post that doubles as the 36-volt, 10.7 or 15Ah e-bike battery box. You may charge the battery on the e-bike with a charging socket in the frame, or you can remove the battery. To remove the battery, raise the seat post to full extension, then slide the battery off the bayonet mount. An adapter supplied with the charger allows the battery to be charged directly. You actually adjust the seat height by sliding the battery up or down in the frame. The “post” has marks to allow easy adjustment and a line that warns you have surpassed maximum extension.

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